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JHI Get Fit! Registration

Welcome! Start your personal journey towards being fit and healthy as you age!

If you are a new registrant or returning after a break to re-enroll, you have to fill two forms:

One is the JHI policy and waiver agreement, and the other is this main registration form. There is no membership contract or fee, and no refund of payment after enrollment.

Please read, sign electronically, and submit the policy and waiver agreement required for participation in JHI workout sessions. Please click this link to access waiver: JHI Get Fit! Policy and Waiver Agreement. 

NOTE: You have to sign the policy and enrollment agreement only the first time. It will be valid for all sessions as long as you are continuing your sessions with JHI or until JHI makes any updates or changes to the agreement. Please submit both forms with the required payment.  if you need to revisit plans and pricing, please click Getting Started Plans and Pricing

To Register Please Complete the Following and Submit: 

Please check the box if you signed the waiver. If you have not signed it yet, please click on the button to sign and submit waiver, then click the check box.

Program Selection: Please select the program you are enrolling in


  • If you are enrolling in the middle of the month, your payment will be prorated, and you will be charged from the start date to the end of the remaining 20 sessions for the current month and full payment for continuation of 20 sessions the following month.  

  • Add on program starts at the beginning of the 20 sessions.  If you are joining in the middle of the month and the sessions have already started, you will have to wait for next JHI fitness cycle to include and pay for these add-on programs. Contact JHI to add and pay for additional programs after your enrollment.

  • Also, the Targeted Abs Dynamic workout with Pilates on Saturdays, is available only to those who have been attending JHI weekday sessions for a month, or those who have some prior experience with Yoga/Pilates.

  • If you are enrolled in weekday sessions, you can make up the morning sessions in the evening and vice-versa. Doubling up sessions on same day to make up is not allowed.  There is no makeup for Saturday sessions.

STEP 1: Program Selection (Please select the 20 sessions weekday program that you will be attending )
STEP 2: Add On Programs Selection (Please select the programs you want to add to your weekday enrollment)

Please note if you plan to select the all-inclusive package you must meet the pre-requisites and be cleared by JHI for joining the Saturday session "Targeted Abs Dynamic Workout with Pilates".  Also please contact JHI prior to selecting all-inclusive package. As discount will not apply to months that do not run the full sessions for the individual programs in the package. Discount applies only if all listed number of sessions run and at full price for all registrants.

All Inclusive Package Weekdays + Face Yoga + 3 Alternate Saturdays Targeted Abs Dynamic Workout With Pliates + 2 Alternate Saturdays JHI Zoom On!!! Dance Fitness!!!
Build your Package: Select your program from the drop down options.
STEP 3: Select Payment method for your package and remit the payment as indicated

Zelle is the preferred method of payment. Please note PAYPAL charges JHI transaction fees. As such please add 70 cents to the fees. For example, your fees will be $12.70 if choosing the $12 weekday option.

To complete registration, please make sure that you have signed and submitted the online waiver and made payment via your preferred payment method prior to clicking on the submit button.

Upon successful registration JHI will receive notification and JHI will send you onboarding information, the associated zoom link for you to log into your registered sessions along with a weekly schedule for reference, and a note on equipment that may be required for the workouts.


To let current members, know how much JHI values their support, JHI has implemented a give back initiative.

A give back loyalty program that rewards those enrolled continuously in JHI programs, and is as follows:

  • Enroll continuously for four months and get one-week of weekday sessions free to be applied to following month enrollment.

  • Enroll continuously for six months and get two-weeks free of weekday sessions to be applied to following month enrollment.

  • Enroll continuously for one year and get three-weeks free of weekday sessions to be applied to following month enrollment.

Note:  Prorated months, and months in which a week of free session was already awarded, will not be factored in the number of months to be counted towards the give back program. Also, all-inclusive package discount cannot be applied to the month in which you were awarded the free weekday sessions.

Note: There is no doubling of rewards. If you reached a milestone and the reward was applied, when you reach the next milestone, the previous free week applied will be counted. For example, for 6 months, if the one week for 4 months was already awarded you get the left over one week applied for 6 months (out of the two weeks allocated for 6 months). Same goes for the one-year award.

Your content has been submitted. Thank you for your registration!

JHI will contact you with onboarding information.

An error occurred. Please check if all fields are filled.

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